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Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Project Start and Completion Dates: August 2017–September 2019
Project Type: Commercial
Scope: 3300 tons of steelwork
Outcome: Work supplied, fabricated and erected
Size: need
Owner/Developer: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
Architect: PGAL
Structural Engineer: JQ-TSEN

Project Description

This extensive turnkey project required fabrication and erection of parking garage sunshade structures and solar panel supports at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, which included 226 columns requiring 40 linear feet of complete joint penetration each between shop and field. This required ultrasonic testing and 9,000 feet of complete joint penetration welding.

Challenges and Resolutions

Fabrication Challenge

The contract requirements included a large amount of welding in column arms, which required an automatic welding system. Patriot attempted to use a weld tractor, but it was not efficient to get fabricated materials into field, so Patriot Erectors worked with ESAB to have a custom-built submerged arc welder for the Dripping Springs fabrication shop. The new system required extensive hands-on training for maintenance and operators.  With this specialized equipment and training, Patriot was able to complete the welds in two passes using a dual-head AC/DC SAW system with two 5/32” diameter wires (20-foot-long, 0.625” deep, single V groove welds).

Erection Challenge

Due to limited space, the specialized pieces were assembled on the ground then the column and arm assemblies were “flown” up to the roof using a jig on the ground, and a spider crane was used on the roof to move the pieces into place. These assemblies required extensive amounts of semi-automatic welding.

Additionally, there was limited space onsite, so additional equipment was rented to help expedite the final requirements of the project.

Additional Challenge

Operations took place while airport was fully operational. Requirements included an expedited schedule after holiday traffic and rerouting.

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Customer Reviews

The good buzz from our customers is making our ears ring, and we just had to share.

“You guys did a great job!  Very responsive and professional from the office to the field side.  It was logistically a challenging project, but it’s clear you guys are true experts in what you do and tackled it quickly and without any issues. I Look forward to working with you guys again in the near future.”

Chris Godbold

Rand Construction Corporation - Project Executive

“Very simple….WE ALL LOVE PATRIOT…”

Sandra Haltner

CEO at Haltner H.A.I., LLC, in Houston, Texas

"I know in the great scheme of things my job was minor compared to many of Patriot's projects, and yet I was treated as though it was major, and my complete satisfaction was paramount.  I could not be more pleased.  Thank you Patriot!

Michael Rooney


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